Building your most productive asset: your master story.

How We Do It

Go, right now, and pull your strategic plan from the shelf.

Consider your mission, vision, and values. You're inclusive and innovative, with plenty of integrity. Or maybe the words start with Cs instead: collaborate, create, catalyze. You’re leveraging abstract things on a sustainable basis. 

Terrific. But how does any of this help you make decisions? How does it make you different from your competitors? No matter what you do — create, manufacture, invest, govern, build, plan, encourage, design — you do it for a reason beyond money.

It means something. Meaning, why we do what we do, is our most valuable asset. This is how we attract investment and great people, customers and clients, fans. Yet most of us have no idea what we mean. 

We’re relentless, we’re provocative, but we’re polite.

Our process is simple. We begin with research, based in the magic of one-on-one interviews — not facilitated sessions with sticky notes. Our training is in journalism. We’re relentless, we’re provocative, but we’re polite. When we say story we mean story: we’re not looking for a tagline or a cliché or a creative brief filled with abstract words, a billboard concept. 

When we discover your Master Story we work with you to bring it to life. This is different every time. With a good strategy, form and content meet. Your story informs your tactical plan. We’re looking for coherence, focus, and discipline.

It may involve marketing and communications, human resources, leadership development, product design, fundraising, citizen engagement, or all of it. A new website? Let’s see… 

Let's Find your Story

Strategy needs simplicity and humanity. We use narrative to build your strategy and brand.

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