What can you learn about strategy by drinking too much in the South of France?

Clever Californians stole "the best in the world" from French winemakers. There is a way for French wine to re-establish its place in our hearts (and our mouths). 

Why Your Strategic Plan is Probably Garbage (and how there is a better way)

Strategic plans usually sit on the shelf, collecting dust, for a reason. Few of us can actually use them, as they're filled with lovely-sounding but empty abstractions. How about a way to make decisions that reinforce your best self, every time?

The Value of Frustration

Thousands of overlooked and underappreciated places want to be as recognizable as New York or Notting Hill or Provence. A brand that works can be worth billions, so spending millions seems a solid bet. Places aren’t toothpaste, but they buy the same process — a re-brand.