Learn, build, practice, change

We know: “storytelling” is at risk of becoming its own worn-out cliché. But we’re relentless about the word and what it really means.

For the past 6,000 years it has been the most powerful way to communicate, to build, to create a common purpose, to bring meaning to what we do and where we choose to live.

In a Story Engine workshop we’ll show you what narrative is and is not, and how successful organizations and cities use a master story. We teach you how to bring narrative thinking to life in your organization or city. We practice it. 

It’s good to ask yourself “Why?” but your answer can’t be banal and forgettable

If you’re thinking about image and reputation, change and succession, corporate culture, differentiation, core strategy, human resources and marketing, we can deliver a fun, unforgettable, and powerful morning or afternoon that is both an asset for your organization and a professional development opportunity for your team.

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